Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

What is E-diary?

E-diary is a free service to keep track of your past and think about your future. You can make predictions about what will happen and see if they come true, and you can see how you changed over time, and read over memories, having a few laughs. It's the funniest, quickest, and easiest way to document your life through a series of notes. Tap down a note or a thought on your notebook, mobile phone, or tablet and transform it into a memory to keep around forever.

How can I create a diary?

You need to register with a unique username and password (Sign up)

How can I print my entries?

You have to request here and then we will send you all your data to your email. You can then unzip this file and print as many as you'd like. You may also print any diary entries directly from the web browser.

Who can see my entries?

All entries are private by default which means they are not visible or can not be read by anyone without login for the same diary.

How does privacy work?

Privacy with us is very simple. Nobody can read your notes, except yourself. Nothing is "public" by default on E-diary. Also, your all entries are saved in the database in encrypted form. So no one can read except you..

How did the idea come about?

We like to be melancholy, writing daily notes, and reading them over. We always assumed taking interesting notes required big bulky paper books. But as mobile phones got better and better, smaller and smaller, we decided to challenge that assumption. We created E-diary to solve three simple problems:

  1. Traditional paper diaries not in your pocket at all times. An online and mobile diary makes it almost always accessible.
  2. Making copies and backup your paper diary is a pain - write a note once, then access it (instantly) on multiple services.
  3. Most diary experiences are clumsy and take forever - we've optimized the experience to be fast and efficient.

Why I am asked to give my email address?

You can use this email later for resetting your password.